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The DIY courses are a series of classes designed for the entrepreneur building their own business.

Each class provides both an audio and visual accompaniment providing the skills you need to reach your goals.

Do It Yourself Series

Building Your Online Website
Learn about the skills, tools, and resources needed to build your own online website like a professional.

Do It Yourself Series

Mastering WordPress
Become a master WordPress builder, learn to using the right themes, plugins, and extensions to use on your website.

Do It Yourself Series

Mastering Magento 2
Become an expert solution specialist by mastering the fundamentals of Magento community and Enterprise.

Private Membership Community

For Growing Ecommerce Entrepreneurs.

Business Owners// Doers // Revenue Generators

Conversation, Action, Results!

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I speak on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, coding, and technology, to non-profit corporate development. I customize my presentation to meet your specific needs and provide content that fits with the event you want to create.