Mastering WordPress

Jeremy Andrews

Mastering WordPress

Want to learn all their is to know about WordPress and use it to become a better designer, marketer, or developer? Or are you trying to break into the web industry and want to learn one everything you need to know in order to master WordPress.  This course provides you with all of the techniques and resources you need to prepare and start your own website business and get clients.


Are you thinking about starting a web business and want to expand your kill set past basic page builders like Wix , Weebly or Squarespace?  If your a professional wanting to change careers, or a student looking to better understand the web skills needed to succeed in the market, then this class is for you.  Using one of the most popular content management systems in the market, the class will provide everything you need to create and understand WordPress, and help you to become a master.

Students will take exams and quizzes each week to test their aptitude and ability to master concepts.  Your career depends on you being able to positively present yourself and your capabilities to your peers, your clients, or at meeting or at a conference. Mastering WordPress doesn’t doesn’t have to difficult or nerve racking, and can even be fun when you apply the right skills and techniques.

In this course you will:

Understand the basic web development tools

Learn the core components of WordPress

Master the advanced components of WordPress

Troubleshoot and diagnose WordPress issues yourself.

We will review the same processes used at many of the boutique and larger web agencies and understand the ins and outs of web project management, ultimately incorporating these learnings into your successful web project.

Experienced developer and entrepreneur, Jeremy Andrews will lead the course, guiding you through a variety of tools and processes to better understand and ultimately mastering WordPress so you too can build a better website and troubleshoot your own issues. Mastering WordPress is part of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) series presented in collaboration with Alpha Beta Creatives.

What will I learn in this course?

The lesson topics for this course are:

Branding and Logo Creation

Fundamentals Of Web Design

Using The Right Design And Development Tools ‘

Getting Ready For Deployment


This course is geared for the business owner, employee, freelancer, or student who has been tasked with creating a new website for a client or organization and wants to learn the key components of managing a successful web project.  In this course you will learn the specific tactics, tools, and procedures many of the professional freelancers and agencies use to deliver successful projects to their clients.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop a solid foundation of web tools terminology and best practices
  • Understand the various core components of a CMS and WordPress
  • Administration and basic HTML, CSS, JS principles.
  • Putting everything together to deliver a successful web project.

Course Structure

  • Module 1. Installing WordPress
  • Module 2. Administering WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates
  • Module 3. Creating and Administrating Pages
  • Module 4. Pages, Post and HTML Content
  • Module 5. Menu, Mega Menu, and Custom Links
  • Module 6. Configuring Website Settings
  • Module 7. Media Library
  • Module 8. Theme Installation and Configuration
  • Module 9. Understanding Plugins and Widgets
  • Module 10. Administering User Accounts
  • Module 11. Comments and Discussions
  • Module 12. Additional Plugins